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Earth offers us many remarkable resources and minerals are one of them. All over the world, there are beautiful gems hidden beneath the ground and there are rockhounds who travel to these areas to retrieve them. Here at Eggers, we are proud to say that we have minerals from all over!  We have a very educated and friendly staff who can help you find whatever it is you may be looking for.

Eggers Lapidary is based in the popular town of Golden, Colorado. The shop has been adored for almost 50 years! Eggers came under new ownership in June 2015 and since then, we have been making small changes that will make your experience even more memorable.  




Back in 1972, Eggers Lapidary opened, it started out as a small tumbling business focused on Apache Tears. It remained a family business until June of 2015 when it was saved from closing down so the previous owners could retire by Scott, a long time client who learned to cut on the wheels we still use today! 


Scott took over ownership allowing the shop to remain a local and world favorite for many and we continue to do tumbling projects as well as custom cutting and polishing for our clients!  

The shop has been updated with LED lighting and some new cases showing off Colorado specific minerals!

We continue to get rough material, new tumbled stones and specimens.

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